welcome back! hope you had great time <3
Thanks! It was quite an adventure!


Just a small follow forever! These are basically the people who make my dash, but certainly not the only people on tumblr I care about. I think I follow half of these blogs since my first day on tumblr. So yeah, follow forever basically means I’ll follow these blogs until the end of the line.

The Warrior's Three
I'm so grateful that I had the honour to meet these fantastic people!
My twin and soulmate on the other site of the planet
Why are you so far away?
and basically the rest of my blog-roll

Thank you for making my dash perfect!!!

Awwww! Thank you so so much! I am honored to be on here (with so many fabulous blogs! I’m star struck!) Thanks, Franzi.

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Hey y’all! Just wanted to say sorry for being MIA the past two days. A couple of things were going on that kind of took way more out of me than I thought they would (I moved and then went on a road trip to a football game for a friend’s birthday) and so had literally no time for tumblr. I’m just now back, so I guess it’s time to play catch up! do the SPN10 countdown challenge days I missed, fangirl of DallasCon, update the blog, etc.

Anonymous asked: im doing props for my school play and i had to construct a fake corpse (i basically sewed a manikin) and then dress it so it would look like a real dead body. i was trying on the costumes to make sure that they'd fit on the bodies, so i tried on this gorgeous pink formal dress with gems and stuff on it. it actually fit me really well, so when i was done making the manikin the technical director told me that i could keep the dress bc it looked so perfect on me and now i have a homecomng dress :)

I’m actually incredibly happy right now. Like, you just made my night!

  1. The fact that you can sew is awesome.
  2. You made a fake corpse.
  3. You made an awesome dress.
  4. And you get to keep said awesome dress that you look fabulous in.

The above are the reasons why I am now living vicariously though this message. Thank you.

Anonymous asked: Hey gurl heeyyyyy!! How's work? What do you do?


Work was fine, actually! During the school year, I work at my campus library, although at night that mostly consists of throwing stuff at my boss next to me. 

kikikowaii asked: Oh you're an English major! That's pretty cool~

Thanks! I like to think so! Of course, it means I’m a total nerd, but I’m okay with that.

SPN 10 COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE  |  DAY 19 |  S4E19 - Brothers

"He’s a Winchester. He’s already cursed."

Botm blogrates


because I suck and completely forgot about this I’m gna do blogrates for an hour now because i have break from now till 7  and then continue later tonight


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  • Mbf me
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  • Follow my amazing august botm winner and the awesome runnerups??
  • Must reach 60 notes? (Or we’ll pretend this never happened)
  • Runners up will depend on number of notes
  • Ends September 30th,  winner and runner-up(s) announced October 2nd/3rd
What I', Looking For:
  • Catchy url
  • Fandom blogs
  • Clean, simple theme
  • Awesome posts
  • A tagging system is not mandatory but it’s a huge bonus
  • A sweetheart for a blogger (yes, I will be kinda stalking y’all)
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  •  My eternal love, friendship and hugs!
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  • My eternal love, friendship and hugs!