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I'm not going to leave you.
We're Brothers
Alexis. 19. Defender of Dean Winchester and the one thing that keeps him going - his brother.

I know a little about a lot of things ... just enough to make me dangerous.

{If you're also traumatized by Supernatural, feel free to join me.}
Flames – they licked the walls; tenderly they turned to dust all that I adore.

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THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  | yaelstiel  vs. yelloweyedcrowley
Round 1 | favorite character + emotions | Crowley + Emotions

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#SPN10 COUNDTODWN CHALLENGE | 14 days to go | S08E14

Sam listened to every argument Dean has made, every single word. Then, hours later, when it was his time to talk, gently and beautifully he responded to each one of them. And it wasn’t easy for Dean, but he listened as well, and Sam’s words got through his heart and mind, and he had hope too, that maybe there is, after all, light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel. 

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if you’re saying you’re not reading this in their voices you’re lying

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 #This looks like the begining of a music video

#kneel bitches #by loki laufeyson

Featuring the number one hit, “You’re not my dad”

Bonus track: “I do what I want”

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They grew up great

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J2 + Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2014

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