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I have complicated feelings on the subject of Dean’s reported new love interest, “Ann Marie”.

  1. I think it does make sense that Dean would have a love interest … just because he’s gotten older and matured does not mean his sex drive has died.
  2. But, giving Dean a love interest … while he’s a demon? What in the world is that about? It bodes ill for them making Dean a powerful/strong/badass/legit demon and that really makes me unhappy.
  3. News of this love interest kind of goes against the Destiel mentality, which in a small way I am happy about (just so far as I don’t ship Destiel and don’t want it to happen in canon, so canon moving in the opposite direction is fine with me).
  4. But, giving demon!Dean a romance within the first 4 episodes?! If you attempt a romance for either of the Winchesters, it has to be done right. Not rushed, not for laughs or kicks, and certainly not when other things i.e. fixing the brothers’ relationship should be focused on.

Can I just say that Tom’s High Rise hair is my favorite Tom hair yet and it should never ever change? 




Sam could have left Dean in the Impala, arguably Dean’s favorite place, but he chose to carefully lay him on Dean’s own bed, in his own room, in the place they both acknowledged as home. There was no place better to lay Dean to rest, until Sam was able to bring him back, than in the place that Dean had carefully arranged and called his own - the first room he had been able to call his own since he was four years old.

…you could say he… laid his weary head to rest…

Shut. The. HELL. Up

Okay, this is definitely an incredibly depressing scene, and it hurts, believe me. But I don’t at all understand why it’s apparently a big deal. This has nothing to do with any kind of “lay Dean down in the first place he’s been able to call home since Mary died”. This is Sam’s brother we’re talking about, not just some corpse. So he’s got some respect for the body- of course, he’s not going to leave Dean in the car! And where else would Sam put him but the bed?

Underneath the steely cold veneer of his trickster charm is a certain vulnerability and sensitivity – the wounded fragility of an outcast brother and son. His mind is a box of cats though! But I love him.” — Tom Hiddleston

Peter said you were followed.


Before you say I am drawing Team Freewill again, let me explain you a thing


Olivia Dunham in ‘Brave New World (2)’ :-) Part 3/6


#how has Jensen not aged at all #i bet he has a painting in his attic that does that for him