Excuse me while I go curl up in the corner, alone with my cramps, and die.

32. What’s an unpopular opinion or headcanon you have?

Unpopular opinion - John Winchester was not a bad father and did the best he could. Quite frankly, I’m not sure anyone could have managed any better. Sure, he had his flaws and made some huge mistakes and Dean didn’t deserve the burden John put on him. But what would you have done if your partner had been murdered supernaturally before your eyes in you son’s bedroom? Maybe Sam and Dean would have benefited emotionally from the lie that there was no monster in the closet instead of being handed a gun, but they certainly wouldn’t have lived very long …

40. If you could be any character on the show, would you want to? If so, whom? If not, why?

Would I be a character on the show if I could? Are you kidding me? Have we been watching the same show? Everyone on that show ends bloody or worse- broken. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be an honor to be part of Team Free Will … but Dean himself was confused as to why someone would want to watch their lives. Imagine what he would say to someone wanting to be them.

51. Do you listen to Carry On Wayward Son even when you’re not just watching the finale?

Carry On Wayward Son is my anthem. It is periodically my ringtone and you had better believe that when it comes on the radio, I crank up the volume and belt out the song of my people.

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August 20, 1974

Happy Birthday, Misha! ♥‿♥

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11. If you could bring back any character, would you? If so, whom?

(I’m taking this to mean back from the dead, not back from the pit of dropped plot threads …) I would bring back Lucifer … because 2014!verse is one of my favorite things and “we will always end up here” would be such a heartbreaking thing to do to Sam and Dean … how can I resist?

49. What’s your opinion on Wincestiel? 

I don’t ship either Destiel or Wincest and could write you a treatise on why I can’t ship them ever, so that means Wincestiel is the combination of my two least favorite ships! Yay! Please ignore my unbecoming sarcasm.

50. Can you dig Elvis? 

No Destiel, so nope. But I do really appreciate the fact that one fanfic could make such an impact on the fandom and I think that’s really cool.

59. What movies/shows have you watched because of (or by coincidence) Jared, Jensen, or Misha? 

By coincidence: New York MinuteCheaper By the DozenNCIS

On purpose: Smallville (Season 4), My Bloody Valentine 3DTen Inch Hero, The Plight of Clownana


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