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Writer, Baker, Gifmaker
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my brand of opium

tea, shakespeare, f. scott fitzgerald, g.k. chesterton, sherlock holmes, sarcastic men, The Tom to my Hiddleston

my seven percent solution

dean winchester
jamie fraser
jensen ackles
tom hiddleston
sam winchester
misha collins
peter bishop


Working on

My 5k Tumblr Awards


- Rewatching Outlander (S01)
- Friends (S10)


- The Outlander Series (Drums of Autumn)
- The Blind Assassin
- The Beautiful and Damned

Listening To

- Dean Winchester approved songs
- Outlander-esc tunes


Impatiently waiting for the next Supernatural episode.

Check out ...

the salt circle
My 5k Tumblr Awards

Hmmmm ...


I'm not going to leave you
We're Brothers
Alexis. 19. Defender of Dean Winchester and the one thing that keeps him going - his brother.

I know a little about a lot of things ... just enough to make me dangerous.

{If you're also traumatized by Supernatural, feel free to join me.}

God Bless Captain America.

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